Even though we don't have prices on our site, we offer our vehicles and services at an affordable rate. It's a lot better to have you call use to find out how much service would be. That's because our rates are always changing. This avoids all confusion and you get the accurate price of how much it would cost. No estimations and no low price with a surprise demand of more money. What we tell you is what you'll pay. Give us a call to get your free quote today.

Like said above, our prices are always changing. This is due to fluctuations in gas prices, parts prices, maintenance prices and more. We always keep our vehicles as low in price as possible. Everyone should be able to afford a vehicle. There are times in which the cost of service may be more or less than other times. We have a peak time that happens during wedding and prom season where our prices are higher than the rest of the year. Weekends also are priced higher than weekdays. Saturday is the highest day with Friday in second. If you would like to save some money, try having your event during the week if you can choose a day.

When you call for your free quote, you can get your quote pretty fast if you have the following ready. Name, phone number, email, date of reservation, time of reservation, number of passengers, pick up location, and a credit or debit card. Your name so that we can save your quote so if you need time to think about it, when you call back in a few days, you'll get the same quote we gave you. Phone number in case we need any other information from you. Email to send you the quote if you want and to send you a receipt if you book. The date and time of the reservation and the number of passengers helps us give you the vehicle options and price. Pick up location is for if you are in our service area or if you get a fuel charge which is worked into your hourly rate. Lastly, the credit or debit card is for when you want to book so you put down a deposit.

We have booking agents available all the time. You can call us when the time works for you to get your quote. You don't want to wait to make your reservation. We book fast, sometimes months in advanced, and you don't want to be left with the a sized vehicle that can't hold your whole party or no vehicle at all. Call us for your fast, easy quote.