Can we drink alcohol on the vehicle?

Of course you can. Wouldn't be the same if you couldn't. We don't supply you with alcohol but you can bring as much as you want. The only time you can't have alcohol is if there is someone under the age of 21 on the vehicle. Even if it's a 5 year old flower girl, there cannot be alcohol.

Are we allowed to smoke on the vehicle?

You cannot smoke on our vehicles. We like our vehicles to stay clean and fresh smelling for all of our customers to be able to use. You do have unlimited miles and stops so if you need a smoke break, simply tell your driver and they will pull over when it's safe to do so.

Can we bring food?

Yes you can. Although we can suggest some things that you shouldn't bring, you can bring whatever you want. Try not to make a huge mess because if there's a big mess left for us to clean, you might be charged a cleaning fee. For example, though fun, jello shots can get very messy. It leaves a sticky mess everywhere.

Can children come with us?

Children are welcomed. We are perfect for children's birthdays, Sweet 16's, QuinceaƱera's, Bar Mitzvahs and more. If there are children or those who are under 21 years of age, there cannot be any alcohol on the vehicle.

Are there any hidden fees?

Nope. We have nothing to hide from you. We won't demand more money at a later time. Your rate is what you pay. We tell yo9u everything. The only additional money you might have to pay is a damage fee or a cleaning fee.

Can we cancel?

You cannot cancel. We tell you this before you make your deposit so that you are sure that you want to do this. You will have to pay for the service even if you don't use it. If you have an event planned and it gets canceled, you could still use the bus or limo and just go out to a restaurant or bar. There's always something else you can do with it.

What if we want to stay longer or accidentally stayed longer?

That's okay, You can relax. You won't be charged a high fee for staying over. You'll be charged your normal hourly rate divided into 15 minute increments so that you don't pay for time you don't use. This goes for if you are 30 minutes over or 3 hours. If you would like to stay out for longer than an hour past, we would like for you to call us and let us know.

Do we tip the driver?

You don't have to tip you driver. It's not mandatory. It's just a nice way to show them that you enjoyed their service.