If you are planning a wedding then you know that it comes with its own share of complicated issues as far as the transportation for this event goes. At first glance, it might not seem like there would be a whole lot to think about. You just have to have a limousine for the bride and groom and then everyone else takes their own vehicles, right? Well, this can get kind of tricky when you start to consider that many of your guests might be from out of town and are not familiar with the area and that there is the dreaded gap between the ceremony and the reception. This can raise a whole breadth of issues. With family members getting stuck in traffic, not knowing where to park, and showing up late to your ceremony, there are so many things that are best left avoided in this type of situation.

The best route to go when you are looking to plan the transportation for a wedding is to rent a luxury vehicle and that leaves a lot of the issues in the past! By renting a luxury vehicle to service your wedding, you can have all (or a great deal) of your guests pile into a party bus or two and they can transport between the ceremony and the reception in record time. This way you don't have to worry about your guests arriving late and disrupting your carefully planned out reception, and you don't have to worry about giving a ton of guests directions to the same venue. This way you can be sure that everyone gets there on time, avoids traffic,a nd enjoys some fantastic features and amenities at the same time. These features and amenities include plush leather seats, hardwood floors that are great for dancing, and fully functional wet bars that are complete with glass service and cold storage to store whatever drinks you'd like! Renting a luxury vehicle for your wedding is a fantastic decision that you will certainly not regret.


Part of being a parent is watching your children grow up and become fulfilled people. There are many roller coasters along the way but that is just part of the process. One of the most rewarding and yet turbulent times in a child's development is when they go through high school. This is truly when the young person really learns to break out of their shell and really learn who they are, both in their interests and in their social lives. It has been shown in studies that the lessons that a teenager learns during their high school years can affect their social lives for the rest of their lives. This makes events like prom and homecoming extremely important. When they plan on these events, get dressed up for them, plan their dates and their parties, and head out, it shows true social prowess and deserves to be rewarded. However, the unfortunate part of this equation is that you are usually the one that has to front the bill. So it goes. A lot of the process really can fall on the parent and it gets kind of complicated at that point. Helping them pick out what they are wearing, picking out the boutonniere and corsage, buying the tickets, and so on. Many people completely forget to consider the transportation aspect of the event.

Many people would at first think that it is a good idea to just bring your teenager and their date to the event in the family SUV, but this can raise some issues as many high schoolers like to head to these events in large parties with their friends, and they like to get dinner and sometimes head to after parties (with parent permission of course.) What parent of sound mind, body, and spirit wants to spend their day (which should be a quiet day in with no kids in the house) carting a car full of teenagers around to here, there and everywhere? There is a better way and that is by renting a luxury vehicle for the event. These vehicles don't just come with a wide breadth of fantastic features that are popular in high schoolers such as state of the art sound systems and hardwood floors that are great for dancing on, but they are also driven by safe and certified chauffeurs who will make sure that the party of dance-goers gets to where they need to go, and get there safely. This way you can sit back and enjoy your night to yourself, and you'll find yourself leaning back and exclaiming, "This is the life!"


If you have recently been chosen as the maid of honor for a wedding then you can really be proud of yourself. It means that you are a very trustworthy person who the bride to be really can trust a lot. You should spend a whole lot of time making sure that the bride to be does not get too stressed out, considering there are a whole lot of things that will cause the bride to be to be stressed out during the wedding planning process. Between figuring out what she is going to wear, who she is going to invite to the wedding, what food she is going to have at the event, and whether she is going to hire a DJ or a band to perform the music for the event. This can cause a whole lot of stress and it is up to you to make this as low stress as possible for her. In order to do this you should be accompanying her to things like dress fittings, taking her out for spa dates, and most important, you should be planning the bachelorette party for her.

The bachelorette party is an extremely important event that allows the bride to be to really let her hair down and celebrate her final few days as an unmarried woman. It allows you, as well, to show off your abilities as a great party planner. However, many people don't even know the first thing about planning a bachelorette party, due in no small part to the fact that many people have never had to plan one before. However, one of the easiest ways to begin planning a bachelorette party is by figuring out the venues for the event. It should be equally spread out between great bars, clubs, casinos, spas, and so on, depending on the particularly personality of the bride to be.

However, figuring out an event that has multiple venues can be a pretty trick affair. What with planning for multiple designated drivers, navigating traffic, figuring out parking and beyond, it can be a real nightmare overall. However, by renting a luxury vehicle for the occasion, you will be able to circumvent all of these issues and enjoy a great form of transportation and all of the features and amenities inherent in it in the process!


A guy's Bachelor Party is a day that he has dreamt of for most of his life. This is the rite of passage into him truly becoming a married man. This is one of his last celebrations as a "single" man. It is time for him and all of his closest buddies to go out and do all of the things that he won't be able to do (as much) once he is a married man. And, as the best man, it is your solemn duty to make sure that this bachelor party is one of the most absolutely unforgettable nights of his entire life, and for everyone involved!

In order for you to make sure that this night goes as smoothly as possible, it is important to be prepared. If you do not prepare properly then you can be sure that the night will be a complete disaster and the groom to be will be furious with you. You do not want that. The first thing that you need is to plan the guest list. This should include all of his best friends, close relatives, and anyone who is an obligatory invite. It's important to sit down with the bachelor to sort all of this out. You don't want to be leaving out anyone important here. And don't think for a second that you can't invite female friends. It's the 21st century, people! Just as long as they're not too close to the bride to be, female friends are a go in our book.

One of the most important aspects of the bachelor party planning process is the transportation though. You don't want to find yourself worry about picking designated drivers for a fleet of parties. This is darn near impossible with a Bachelor Party! This is why it is a fantastic idea to rent a luxury vehicle for the occasion. There are all sorts of different amenities and feature that are inherent in these vehicles that will make the event unforgettable such as concert quality sound systems, exotic color changing LED lights, dancing poles, and wet bars that have glass service and cold storage for storing whatever drinks you'd like. This allows the party to keep going no matter where you're going. You can hit up the bars, sports clubs, gentleman's clubs, penthouses, strip clubs, golf clubs, bowling alleys, and everything in between! Don't forget to call up to each and every venue well in advance to make sure that they know that a bachelor party is on the way. This is extremely classy and respectful, and many places will really hook you up if they know that you're coming.